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Professional Dimensions' Mentorship + Member Connection Process

Professional Dimensions has always understood the importance and power of human connection. In fact, this foundational belief is what has inspired our theory of change and our mission: to unite women leaders in the pursuit of better. There are countless factors that make connection incredibly tough, but we’ve learned valuable lessons about the importance of prioritizing relationships and people. Organizationally, we’ve been reminded that if we're not connecting, then we aren't living into our purpose. 

For this reason, we invite all members to participate in MemberConnect. The goal of MemberConnect is and has always been to facilitate connection and mentorship across our organization. As we build on our learning over the years, we will continue to center intentional connection across as many PD members as possible to build a foundation that allows for fruitful connections, mentorship and sponsorship to emerge. 

Whether you’re starting a new venture/project and need guidance, trying to get a greater understanding of social media for the workplace, new to Milwaukee and looking to network and/or having a particularly challenging management/leadership issue and need advice, we’d recommend looking into MemberConnect. To begin connecting, complete our MemberConnect Survey and update your membership profile!

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