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Racial Equity Resources 

History and Structural Racism 

Get the backstory of racism and how racism has been woven into the very structures and systems we have today. 



The 1619 Project 

This ongoing initiativedeveloped by Nikole Hannah-Jonesand The New York Times Magazine reframesU.S. history placing Black Americans’ experiences and contributionfront and center in the country’s national narrative. 


A People’s History of the United States 

This detailed book telling America’s story from the point of view of marginalized groups of people. 


America's Black Holocaust Museum History Galleries 

America’s Black Holocaust Museum’svirtual History Galleries chronicle the Black Holocaust from African life before captivity to African American life today. 


Between The World and Me 

Ta-Nehisi Coates addresses the social construct of race in a personal letter to his adolescent son. 


The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America 

In this book, Richard Rothstein provides a detailed and informative history of the segregated housing policy created by the federal government. 


Critical Race Theory 

Britannica provides a detailed description and history of Critical Race Theory originally formed during the Civil Rights Movement. 


How The Word Is Passed 

Clint Smith “leads the reader on an unforgettable tour of monuments and landmarks—those that are honest about the past and those that are not—that offer an intergenerational story of how slavery has been central in shaping our nation's collective history, and ourselves.” 


How To Be an Antiracist 

Ibram X. Kendi’s writing is part memoir, part urgent call to action sharing how to understand and then uproot racism. 


Letter from a Birmingham Jail 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr explores racism as he sits in a prison cell following arrest for protesting segregation. 


So You Want to Talk About Race 

Ijeoma Oluo guides readers of all backgrounds through a detailed examination of race seeking to open doors to real and honest conversations about race. 


The Sum of Us 

Heather McGhee’s book explores how racism has a cost for everyone, not just for people of color. 


Wisconsin Black Historical Society Learning Center 

Milwaukee’s own Wisconsin Black Historical Society has an online learning center where individuals can receive lesson plans and worksheets focused on African American History in Wisconsin. 




Black Communities 

The Wisconsin Black Historical Society created this charming mini-series offering a detailed history of Black America through the conversations between a grandfather and his young granddaughter. 


Discussing Racism with Dr. Christina Greer 

An author, educator, and expert on American history, Black ethnics, and public policy, demonstrates how important and impactful conversations about race and racism can be. 


The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks 

Directed by Johanna Hamilton and Yoruba Richen and produced by Soledad O’Brien, this documentary details Rosa Parks' story of radical politics and activism told through interviews, powerful archival footage and her own words. 


Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Massacre 

This in-depth documentary explores the birth of Black Wall Street, the two-day massacre that tore it down, and all that occurred afterward.




About Race 

Reni Eddo-Lodge, the bestselling author of “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race,” continues the conversation in this podcast. 


Black History for White People 

In support of Black and Brown people, a multiethnic collective dedicates its podcast to educating, resourcing, and challenging white people to fight racial justice. 


By Every Measure 

This six-part podcast features Milwaukee Griot Reggie Jackson and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee DJ Tarik Moody exploring the formation of systemic racism in Milwaukee and how those systems need to be changed. 


Code Switch 

A multiracial, multigenerational team explores how race affects many facets of society. 


The Docket: The Rise and Fall of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 

National Public Radio provides a discussion about the history of the Voting Rights Act and impact of Supreme Court decision striking down portions of it. 


The Humanity Archive 

This podcast “tells stories from the margins” focusing on historical narratives often bypassed and overlooked. 


Notes from America with Kai Wright 

Kai Wright’s podcast explores the unfinished business of American history and its firm hold on our future. 



Host Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr and Producer Wallace Mack push back against the representation of Black people as victims telling stories of those who fight oppression. 

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