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The membership committee is responsible for recruitment, retention and renewal of members of Professional Dimensions. Strategies and activities include executing the annual membership renewal campaign, assisting in membership drives and the MemberConnect program, and planning casual monthly socials every "Third Thursday” and other social outings. This committee also conducts orientation events each year that enable new members to learn more about Professional Dimensions and meet other members in a small group environment.
MemberConnect aligns members with one another for the purpose of offering expertise, support and assistance.
Contact: Carol Newell

Part of the Membership committee, this team identifies and recruits new members to Professional Dimensions who help the organization maintain diversity and balance and to guarantee the longevity of the organization.
Contact: Paige Engle

This committee works with the PD office to draft the content of the bi-weekly E-newsletter, social media post, website postings and external media platforms.  Committee members help gather information, write articles, proof copy, and contribute to the 
organization’s strategic communication planning process toward advancing the brand of PD.
Contact: Tricia Geraghty 

Racial Equity Initiative
This committee identifies and develops strategic initiatives that will further Professional Dimensions as a community and leadership resource for making a positive difference in our community on the issue of racism. As such, programs and events are held to educate, inform and advocate for equity and anti-racism.
Contact: Michele Marsh

Responsible for the member programs twice a month from September to June on the second Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.  and the fourth Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. The committee is responsible for securing speakers, venues and meals that appeal to the membership.  Its program focus is on transformational leadership in work and personal life. This committee will also work to incorporate individual professional development within the programs to aid in the advancement of our members.  
Contact: Megan Huse

Ideation Summit
This team focuses on project management, planning, and execution of our annual Ideation Summit. 
Contact: Deidre Garrett

Imprint Award Committee
The PD Imprint Award Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the PD Imprint Award Ceremony.   
Contact: Tara Radmann

Legacy Fund
The Legacy Fund was created in 2014 as a donor advised fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF). Members of this committee work to steward Legacy Gifts and engage Legacy donors. 
Contact: Fiesha Lynn Bell

Women Advancement
Focused on the advancement and promotion of women, this committee ensures that PD women are the most important tables across our region and beyond, with the ability to learn and contribute in ways that advance the mission of PD. Tangible examples of this work include, but are not limited to: Identifying PD members to nominate for awards, identifying key events/ engagements to buy tables and drive participation, developing a "dispatch" process to collect and address the needs of our members - general feedback and crisis situations; celebrate the success of our members via member spotlights, etc.
Contact: TBD

The Fundraising Committee focuses on the development and progression of our revenue pipeline. Members of this committee will help find grants and sponsorships that align with the mission of Professional Dimensions, design packages and sponsorship levels to create partnerships with organizations, inform and/or lead on the introduction of PD to prospective partners, and support the relationships with donors and clients of PD. This group will also strategize around member giving with our Charitable Fund and work to expand the culture of philanthropy within Professional Dimensions.
Contact: TBD

The partnerships committee is the hub for managing, maintaining, and developing relationships with like-minded organizations. These could include the support of our corporate members and funders, the Women's Leadership Collaborative, our Charitable Fund Signature Project, MMAC, GMC, City Of Milwaukee, and other organizations/corporations we are selecting to build with year over year.
Contact: TBD


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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