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Professional Dimensions proud to partner with organizations and allies to provide programming that builds capacity and empowers our members. We leverage the unique strengths and expertise of our PD community to transfer knowledge and collaborate in understanding and solving our region's most pressing issues.

Our hope is to continue offering special cohorts, workshops and learning opportunities for members. If you have ideas about. programming you'd l like to see, or lead, please reach out!  


When employees establish themselves as thought leaders in their field, it can significantly benefit their professional growth and career advancement. When they consistently share unique ideas, insights, and best practices, they build a reputation as an expert. This helps them gain credibility and influence. As more people look to them for guidance on trends, challenges, and innovations in their expertise, they expand their opportunities, professional network, and ability to effect change and impact decision-making in your industry.

The benefits extend to employers, too. The reputation lift and authority advantage conferred from consistent, forward-looking thought leadership offers manifold benefits for an organization seeking to make its mark as a leader and exemplar within its own industry. 




The Systems Impact Fellowship, launched October 2022, brings together local TFA alumni in school based and systems level roles with community stakeholders to activate their leadership towards systems change and transformative outcomes for students.

With deference to data and research around adult learning theory, the scope and sequence of the fellowship is informed by the participants, making the experience unique and differentiated for each cohort. By the end of year one, participants will identify a collective, local project to pursue that builds on the strength and diversity of participants and advances existing or newly developed metrics to impact education. Year two is centered on execution and unity in pursuit of better. All projects will serve as proof points of what is possible with strategic cross-sector collaboration.


We are thrilled to introduce an exciting opportunity for members interested in growing their knowledge and skills around development and fundraising. Professional Dimensions and Teach For America share a passion for improving our community - uniting leaders in pursuit of better. Our newest fellowship, developed in collaboration with Teach For America, is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of non-profit fundraising.

We are offering 10 slots for this fellowship on a first-come, first-serve basis. While there is no additional cost for members, there is an expectation that participants are able to attend every convening. Courses will be led by local experts who have a record of success in the areas of interest.

Fellowship objectives:

  1. Expand understanding of the purpose of fundraising and the professional responsibilities related to fundraising including grant writing, stewardship and relationship building. 

  2. Explore how individual, corporate and foundation fundraising works in Milwaukee and the impact it has had on the growth of various organizations and initiatives 

  3. Meet local fundraisers and grant makers to build a network and learn from professionals in the field


The VillageMKE Executive Fellowship is curated for Black Executives who are leading social impact organizations that support Black individuals in Milwaukee. We provide differentiated instruction and coaching around topics that are industry standard, but also unique to Black leaders.

Participants will undergo a formative diagnostic to identify areas of personal and professional development; and then work with facilitators to execute a cadence of learning and exploration that strengthens their leadership. With deference to data and research around adult learning theory, the scope and sequence of the fellowship is informed by the participants, making the experience unique and differentiated for each cohort.


About Village MKE

Village MKE is a Social Enterprise and Business Association designed for and by Black Non-Profit Executives to address the real and perceived barriers to the advancement of Black Non-Profit organizations serving the Milwaukee Region. Our mission is to provide resources, differentiated training and strategic alignment to Black-led community-focused nonprofit organizations and leaders to expand their leadership capacity, foster operational excellence and drive measurable, collective impact within the Milwaukee community.



Professional Dimensions has been hosting Conversation Circles since 2009. The objective is to bring women of color and white women together to have meaningful and challenging conversations designed to break down barriers, discuss issues of race and confront systemic racism in an open and honest way. 

Participants are expected to: 

1. Bring their authentic self
2. Commit to attending all 5 sessions
3. Complete pre-work assignments (which will be limited to short videos and/or readings)
4. Be respectful as participants learn about one another 

As a women's organization, we encourage reflection on the way women have shown up for each other over the course of history, and we believe in the power of collaborative women as the leaders who are uniquely positioned to move equity work forward.

Register for Conversation Circles

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our VP of Racial Equity, Michele Marsh.



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