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Why Support the Professional Dimensions Legacy Fund?

You can be a part of the Professional Dimensions Legacy Fund expanding what is possible for women and the world they influence. As the fund grows, we will build upon our position as a philanthropic leader in our community.

Professional Dimensions has a two funds—PD Legacy Fund for long-term growth and the PD Charitable Fund for ongoing acceptance of gifts and distribution of grants. Established in 1985, Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund (PDCF) enables the members of Professional Dimensions to pool our resources to advance the self-sufficiency of women and girls in the Greater Milwaukee area. Formed as a 501(c)(3) organization PDCF has become a vanguard for leading change on issues such as domestic abuse, sex trafficking, racism, emotional and physical health and women's economic empowerment.

Members of Professional Dimensions have significant impact on our community each year through grants to organizations who foster the self-sufficiency of women and girls. Just under two million dollars has been grantedthroughthe  generosityofour members and community wide support. Our PDCF funded projects are listed here.

Join Now!

Become a member of the PD Legacy Society.

"This is a way you can share your deep commitment to inspiring and advancing future generations of women." - Janet Slater, past PD President 

Celebrate your shared generosity! By naming Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund* as a beneficiary you will become a member of the PD Legacy Society.

Find out how to become a member of the PD Legacy Society.

You may simply contact our Chief Executive Officer at 414-374-3570 or lauren@professionaldimensions.org.

Click here for more information about the Legacy Fund.

How does the Legacy Fund work?

The Legacy Fund was created in 2014 as a donor advised fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF). Different from a traditional endowment, a donor advised fund allows the PDCF Board to contribute to projects when the community need arises. As long as the required minimum balance, currently $25,000, is maintained, the PDCF Board of Directors has the flexibility to determine the best opportunity to innovate and elevate our community through the Legacy Fund.

Quarterly funds earmarked for the Legacy Fund are transferred from PDCF to the GMF. The GMF's 100+ year history and exceptional investment planning ensures your gift will be stewarded with the utmost care and long-term impact.

What guides the Legacy Fund?

The PDCF Board of Directors is responsible for determining the grant opportunities for the Legacy Fund. They are guided by a mission which enables members to pool resources to advance women and girls in our community through shared experiences and financial contributions.

Our PD values are demonstrated by expanding what is possible for women and the world they influence. We are community leaders focused on meaningful action and intentional inclusion.

We can't do it alone.

By joining your resources with other members, we have the opportunity to give back in a much more significant way than any one person on their own. Give a lifetime or planned gift and share the satisfaction of knowing tomorrow's PDCF will continue to build strong and meaningful action across our community.

Whether it is a gift during your lifetime or a planned gift, you can name Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund as your beneficiary and specify a designation to the Professional Dimensions Legacy Fund. Our PD office can assist you with your intentions.

*Please make donation/planned gift to "Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund, designated to PD Legacy Fund."


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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