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What is the mission of Professional Dimensions?
Click here to visit our "About" page to view our mission, vision and four tenets.

Who is on the Board of Directors?
Click here to view a current listing of Professional Dimensions Board members.

Why can't I view upcoming events or update my membership profile?
If you are an active PD member, please make sure you are logged in to this site to access member-only content.  The log in button is in the upper right corner of this page.


Who can become a member of Professional Dimensions?
Membership is by invitation and focuses on "women who inspire” through their personal and professional experience and talents. Potential members must be engaged in professional work, whether or not for compensation, and must demonstrate an interest in professional growth. Community involvement is looked upon favorably.

The Recruitment Committee strives to strengthen the diversity and leadership of the organization and to maintain a broad spectrum of occupations. Target populations include non-traditional or under-represented occupations, executive women in a company or organization, women of color, younger women with leadership promise, and other community leaders.

What are the benefits of membership in Professional Dimensions?
Professional Dimensions offers its members many opportunities to connect with each other and the community for personal and professional growth: 

  • Member meetings, held twice a month featuring speakers and networking activities
  • Board and committee participation
  • Several special interest groups
  • Involvement in Charitable Fund projects
  • Friendships and professional relationships
How can I become a member of Professional Dimensions?

Current members may sponsor someone for membership by filling out a brief form and submitting it with the potential member’s resume or bio to the chair of the Recruitment Committee. Candidates accepted by the Recruitment Committee must then be approved by the Board of Directors.

New member receptions are held several times each year, to introduce new members to the Board and to other new members. At these receptions, Professional Dimensions’ history and committees are described and new members are encouraged to get involved. Participation in one of the committees is the best way to meet other members and benefit from the organization.

What is the process for sponsoring a new member?
Active members may sponsor new members at any time during the year.  Each month, the recruitment committee compiles a list of sponsored new members for review by the Board of Directors. The Board then votes to approves new members. Once approved, new memberships are activated after the dues payment is received in the PD office. Please reach out to the current Recruitment Chair for the new member application.

How many Professional Dimensions members are there?
Professional Dimensions currently has more than 350+ active members.

How can I get the most out of my membership?
Engage! Sign up for a committee, attend our Wednesday lunch and dinner programs, joint a Special Interest Group, reach out to and connect with other members or email the PD office for help. Please note that you must log in as a member to view some of these pages.


When and where are programs held?
Meetings are generally held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday.  Most programs are held at the Wisconsin Club-Downtown, located at 900 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. We do not hold any formal programs in July or August, however committee meetings, Third Thursdays, Special Interest Groups and other activities take place year-round.

How do I register for a program?
Click here to view our program line-up, click the event you are interested in and follow the prompts to sign up.  Note deadlines for registering are one week prior to program.  If you are a PD member, make sure you are logged in before you register.

Are non-members and guests welcome at Professional Dimensions programs?
Yes! Non-members and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend most of Professional Dimensions' annual programming. There are a limited number of members-only programs, which will be noted on the program registration page.  Click here to view our program line up and register!

How do I register a guest for a program?
If you are a member, make sure you are logged in.  You can add a guest during the registration process on our website or contact the PD office.

What should I do if I register for a program and can no longer attend?
Email the PD office to let us know you can no longer make it. The PD office sends a final head count to the venue one week prior to each program. If you cancel at least one week in advance, the office will process a refund for you.

How do I suggest a speaker or program topic?
All program suggestions should be sent to the current Vice President of Programs. Program ideas are reviewed by the Programs Committee. Click here to view the committee listing and contact the current Vice President.  Please note, you must be logged in to view this page. If you are not a member, please contact the PD office to make a program suggestion.

Charitable Fund

What is the Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund?
The Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund enables members to pool resources to impact the economic self-sufficiency of women and girls through shared experiences and financial contributions. It was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1985 to serve as the charitable, tax-exempt arm of the organization. A separate Charitable Fund board of directors, which reports to the Professional Dimensions board, also was established.  

What is the Charitable Fund project?
The biennial selection of a Charitable Fund project was developed as a way to support a local non-profit organization or initiative by infusing both volunteer time and financial support over a two-year period. At the same time, it gives members an opportunity to work together toward helping individuals and organizations in Milwaukee. 

How do I nominate an organization for consideration as the next Charitable Fund project?
Charitable Fund projects last for a period of two years and new projects are chosen every odd year in the spring.  During the selection process, members nominate organizations or initiatives and commit to serving as the project champion during the two-year partnership.  The PD Charitable Fund Board of Directors reviews these nominations and selects the final project.  Watch the Charitable Fund webpage for updates on the opening of our next nomination period.

How can I volunteer with the Charitable Fund?
The Charitable Fund project Champions are always working to provide volunteer opportunities for members with the current charity or initiative.  Make sure to watch your email and read the newsletter for upcoming announcements.  You may also reach out to the project Champions or the PD office to learn about current opportunities. 

How do I donate to the Charitable Fund?
Click here to make a donation to the Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund.  Members that make donations of $100 or more will have a "Donor" ribbon added to their name badge.  Donors are also listed here on our website.

Imprint Awards Dinner

What is the Imprint Award? Each year in March, Professional Dimensions members and guests gather to honor two trailblazing women with the Imprint Award. Click here to view the Imprint Awards Dinner webpage.

How can I nominate a woman to receive the Imprint Award? Professional Dimensions announces the search for nominees every year in the early fall. The nomination period ends on October 31st. Click here for more information on the nomination process and requirements.

How can I nominate an artist to create the Imprint Award?Professional Dimensions announces the search for artists every year in the early fall. The nomination period ends on October 31st. Click here for more information on the submission process and requirements.

Where is the Signature Event Art Collection? The Signature Event Art Collection is a unique collection of art made for PD and the Imprint honorees by Wisconsin women artists, incorporating the theme of Imprint. Owned and curated by Professional Dimensions, the collection on is display at Alverno College.


How do I join a committee?
All Professional Dimensions committees are open to members except the Board of Directors, the Charitable Fund Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee, which require members to be elected. To learn more about the work of each committee or to join one, please contact the committee chair or the PD office. Click here to view the list of Professional Dimensions Committees and Chairs. Please note you must be logged in to view this page.

How do I join a Special Interest Group?
PD Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity to get to know other PD members in a small group setting. Each SIG focuses on a specific interest and all are open to new members, though some have size limits or specific requirements. Click here to view the list of current groups and contact organizers.  Most SIGs meet year round.  If you are interested in starting a new group, please contact the PD office.

What is the PD Race Relations Initiative?
The mission of the Race Relations Initiative is to work, in our space and time, to identify what the women of PD could do to bring about action and positive change around the issue of racism in our community.  Drawing inspiration from the initiative’s mantra - Reflection, Connection, Action - committee members set out to create spaces for brave conversations to occur. Click here to learn more and get involved.

What is the PD Mentoring Program?
Our mentoring program pairs members together for the purpose of offering expertise, support and assistance. We conduct two sessions each year and ask participants to respond to a survey to help the Mentoring Committee match mentees and mentors. Make sure to watch your email and read the newsletter for announcements of the next session. Click here to learn more and sign up to be a mentee or serve as a mentor.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Click here to email the PD office.
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