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We extend the warmest welcome to members who recently joined Professional Dimensions!



On behalf of Professional Dimensions, I am thrilled to share that you have been approved for membership! We’re honored to have you join our membership body of inclusive women leaders and hope to be a support on your journey.

To activate your membership please visit our website www.professionaldimensions.org and login using your email address and the password: Changemenow!78

There you’ll be able to update and edit your membership profile. Please complete this step as soon as possible as we’ll use this information to support member connection, better understand our collective reach, and elevate our external narrative/brand. While editing your profile you’ll also have the opportunity to join committees and special interest groups (SIGs)!

Your membership also allows you immediate accessto the members-only features of our website, www.professionaldimensions.org. There you will be able to register for upcoming events and connect with members through our digital directory and “Member to Member'' page. If you’re a Facebook user, please also consider joining our private page “#PDWOMEN | Members Only”.

Upcoming events and opportunities to connect will be shared via email, Facebook, and posted on our social media sites. Visit our Programs page to see our annual calendar and hold some dates that align with your schedule! 

Again, welcome, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Lauren Feaster (she/her/hers)
CEO, Professional Dimensions


759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202

M: 414.581.9230 


The following next steps have been developed by existing members as a guideline to maximize your membership. Joining Professional Dimensions is an investment in community, and an investment in your own development. We want to be excellent stewards of all investments!


  1. Save Lauren’s cell: (414) 581-9230 and the Office cell: (414) 374-3570
  2. Attend an event (Third Thursday counts!)
  3. Complete Membership Profile online 
  4. Identify 1 goal for the next year of engagement & tell your sponsor
  5. Follow our socials: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram ( @pdwomen )
  6. Set a calendar hold/ reminder to revisit these steps


  1. Join a committee or Special Interest Group by selecting areas of interest in your member profile>>


(In progress! Help us by sending questions you have as a new member to info@professionaldimensions.org )

Member Directory

Need to make changes to you new member headshot?

Send your requests to info@professionaldimensions.org.


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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