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"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects." 
- Dalai Lama

How to Get Involved


Women's Professional Image Program

Support a program that equips women with attire and skills to succeed in the workforce. Opportunities begin in November 2020. 

Professional Women's Breakfast Series

Participate in planning and presenting opportunities for a YWCA SEW program focused on women not generally offered professional development programs by employers. Stay tuned for other opportunities moving forward!

For more information on direct service engagement opportunities, please reach out to Kim Casey at Casey.kim.24@gmail.com.


Pledge of Support
Start your own Ripple Effect TODAY by making a financial contribution or pledge! To donate online, visit professionaldimensions.org/SignatureProject. 

For questions regarding donating via United Way, please reach out to the Professional Dimensions office:

759 N. Milwaukee St,  suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202. 414-374-3570. 


Specific opportunities around these activities will be announced in early 2020 and beyond. You can start now by becoming educated on the issues by participating in our Learning and Education programs and events. 

For more information on advocacy initiatives, please reach out to Janet Slater at jgreenleafslater@gmail.com.


Professional Dimensions All-Member Book Read (Fall/Winter 2020)

Read "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon for White America" by Michael Eric Dyson. Purchase a copy on your own, then join one of our small group discussions to learn together.

The book grapples with the social construct of "whiteness" and challenges the readers to "reject the willful denial of history and to live fully in the complicated present with all of the discomfort it brings." Dyson's 'sermon' addresses "five dysfunctional ways that those regarded as white respond when confronted with the reality that whiteness is simultaneously artificial and powerful," as well as "dysfunctional ways that black people sometimes respond to white racism."

Reframing Reality Special Interest Group (SIG)

Attend a thought-provoking film or theater performance with other Professional Dimensions members, or learn together through reading and small group discussions to further your understanding of racial and gender inequity. For questions on the Reframing Realities SIG, contact Corey Zetts at corey@TheValleyMKE.org.

For more information on learning and education opportunities, please reach out to Yvonne Brodsky at Yvonne.brodsky@ge.com or Pat Gorence at pjgorence@gmail.com.


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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