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Confronting Sexual Harassment 

As a network of more than 350 women leaders who use our power to help each other and advance the community, we feel it is our duty to strengthen the national and local conversation on sexual harassment by adding our voices.    

In early 2018, we partnered with TEMPO Milwaukee and distributed to our membership the survey they created on sexual harassment. 32% of members participated and we learned that the majority of respondents have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment at work. 


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We will continue to populate this resource list throughout the series. Please check back for updates.

Resources for Employees

9to5 Helpline for Employees (not 24 hours): 800-522-0925

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: 202-663-4900

Resources for Employers

MRA members only hotline for employers: 866-474-6854 

Tech Solutions

A platform used on campuses to report sexual assaults has been been adapted for workplace use.

An independent, confidential platform to address bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

A blockchain powered counter-harassment platform.


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