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The Sacagawea Award was created in 1982. This years recipients are 2 trail-blazing women chosen for their career accomplishments, commitment to community, and support of the advancement of women.  Please join us when we honor the winners at

our annual Sacagawea Event, Thursday March 9, 2017, at the Pfister Hotel.  For additional

information, please call us at 414-374-3570.  


2016 Award Recipients  Sandy Botcher and Katherine Gehl


We need your help to nominate “Women Who Inspire” to receive the 2017 Sacagawea Award.

Think about the women you know. 

We are looking for someone with Professional Excellence … Inspiring Achievements … a Passionate Heart … Trailblazer Experiences … you know the type. Actually, we’re looking for two of them.

REALLY, we are so fortunate to have in our community many talented, able and kick-ass women who deserve the 2017 Sacagawea Award.

So now is the time to nominate someone who you think is deserving of this coveted award. 

I also know that there are so many unbelievably deserving women who may have been nominated in a previous year…please, please consider re-nominating.


The nomination process is officially OPEN and will close on October 14,2016.

You can GET STARTED TODAY by downloading the Nomination Form.

Questions?  Please email me at or call 414-727-2934. I’m happy to assist in any way I can.


Joyce Rubenstein
Chair, Sacagawea Nomination Committee




Choice of Sacagawea      

The award was named after Sacagawea because she epitomized the qualities we sought in the award recipients. A woman of many dimensions, Sacagawea distinguished herself throughout her life by her foresight, leadership, intelligence, common sense, and adaptability. She was a mother, and the only woman on the 1803-1806 Lewis and Clark expedition to find the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean.


Her presence was initially resented by many of the men of the expedition, but Sacagawea proved herself to be a capable leader, interpreter, and guide. She was able to lead the expedition through hostile territory, because her presence provided a shield of protection for the entire party. Sacagawea and her infant child were regarded as a symbol of peace to the many native peoples the expedition encountered. In spite of her crucial role in the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacagawea's contribution went virtually unrecognized in the history books until the 1990s.


Spelling and pronunciation of Sacagawea's name have evolved over the years as historians have sought greater cultural accuracy. Today's preferred pronunciation is: Suh CAH guh WAY uh.



The Sacagawea Award Dinner was created to celebrate and honor professional women. Fundraising is not its primary goal. Proceeds of the event are used to support the charitable efforts of Professional Dimensions. The dinner's goals, in priority order, are to:

  1. Celebrate and honor professional women
  2. Raise funds for the Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund
  3. Showcase the Professional Dimensions organization
  4. Provide a not-to-be-missed social event


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Selection of Award Recipients

The award selection committee is comprised of community leaders at least half of whom are not members of Professional Dimensions. Award candidates are solicited from Professional Dimensions members and the general public. Many nominees are members of Professional Dimensions. Award recipients are chosen for their significant career accomplishments, commitment to community, support for the advancement of women, and embodiment of the trail blazing spirit of Sacagawea.


Member Support

Professional Dimensions members support the event by attending, encouraging others to attend, serving on the Sacagawea Committee and/or by assisting in obtaining corporate sponsorship and underwriting.


Contact Us

Mary Bridges
Executive Director
759 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 404

Milwaukee, WI 53202


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Our Mission

Professional Dimensions is a membership organization that promotes the professional and personal growth of women through social and business exchange and through community participation.

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